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An Investigation of International Passengers About Level of Understanding Cabin Crew Safety Briefing

The objective of this research was to investigate international passengers’ level of understanding cabin crew safety in the airplane during the preparation to take off. Certainly safety is vital and it is important to know if international passengers pay attention to cabin crew safety briefing and be able to understand the instruction or not. This study utilized the quantitative research method. The independent variables of this study included gender, age, levels of education, occupation, travelling purpose, and travelling frequency whereas the dependent variables was level of understanding the cabin crew safety briefing. A simple random sampling method and purposive method were utilized to obtain 200 respondents. The findings showed that the ranking the first three levels of importance by highest mean to lowest mean as follows: the level of understand depend on the readiness of the international passengers, the level of understand depend on the personality of the air crews, and the level of understand depend on the quality of sound in the airplane. In addition, the overall means of understanding was 4.56 with 0.9800 SD. Keywords- International Passengers, Understanding, Cabin Crew Safety Briefing