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An Important Factors Influencing the Level of Satisfaction of Asean Camp VI

The objective of this research study was to study the level of satisfaction of the faculty members who participated in the ASEAN camp which aimed to prepare them for the readiness of AEC 2016. The population of this study included all the faculty members who participated in the activities of the ASEAN camp during April, 2014. Based on the survey of 120 faculty members who answered the questionnaire, the data was performed by using SPSS. Mean and Standard Deviation were utilized in analyzing the data. The findings revealed that the average mean of satisfaction was 4.72, and standard deviation was 0.9878. Moreover, the average mean can be used to rank the level of satisfaction from each of the following factors: Helpful Knowledge, Related Knowledge, Proper Texts and Materials, Suitable Knowledge, Schedule of Activities, Service, and Advertising Keywords- ASEAN, Camp, Training, Knowledge