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Exploring Economic Development of Indian Tourism in International Perspective

India is a dreamland for tourist from all over the world. It is a composite of incredible cultural diversities. From the dusky landscape of Rajasthan to the stunning lushness of Assam, from the mountainous beauty of Sikkim to the cultural richness of Tamil Nadu, India is a tourism dream for every traveller. Tourism industry being a service sector, markets its products with the aim to enhance its market share in the global perspective by increasing the number of visitations of both foreign and domestic tourist. This will increase the foreign exchange earnings directly and simultaneously involve other sectors of the economy by evolving dormant resources. But these two constituents are not the ultimate goal, rather a means to achieve broader goal of economic upliftment of the masses by generating sustainable economic development by incorporating international trends in tourism sector. The secondary data collected has been analysed and tested to take an overview of Tourism, both as a phenomenon and as an industry who have made rapid advances in recent years. The growth potential that tourism sector offers has received special attention from both the private and public sectors. In the global economy, tourism is the second fastest growing business sector after information technology. Tourism and hospitality are no longer meant for rich alone, they are now being consumed by all socio-economic classes. These changes are the effects of global economic growth and cross-cultural transformation at the macro-level. To meet the international standards it is essential that the tourism organisations become conscious about the diversified customers needs and managing the services accordingly. These practices will help the business to grow and eventually lead towards the competitive global business. Keywords— Tourism, Sustainable, Strategic, Global.