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Transformation of Human Resource Management Practices in India After the Liberalization— A Case of Tata Motors

The Indian economy was rigid and closed in the 1990 but after the liberalization which promotes the foreign direct investment and helps the Multinational organizations to establish their business units in India helps in creating a hyper competitive environment and encourages the Indian MNCs to inculcate the innovative HRM practices. Current research shows that HRM practices are important for enhancing the organizational performance and MNCs need to mould their HRM practices to cater the need of the employees and to retain them for the longer duration of time. This paper tried to understand the impact of liberalization in transforming the HRM practices. The research has been based on the case study of Tata motors, for collecting the data from the Tata motors interview method has been used. The study found that Indians multinationals are moving towards the globalization and it was observed that recruitment, compensation and performance practices seem to be significantly transforming within Indian firms in the context of India’s economic liberalization. Keywords— SHRM, HRM , Imvovative HRM.