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Functionality of Applying Virtual Sensor in Obscure R&D Process-Perspective From Knowledge Management

-I.C. manufacturing involves complex processes and takes one or two months to complete whole process. It comprises hundreds of processes such as diffusion, lithography, thin film and etching which are performed on hundreds of machines. Thousands of messages will be generated during each process. Most of them can be easily identified and analyzed, which is attributed to explicit knowledge. However, some ambiguous information still exists, which is attributed to tacit knowledge. Applying multivariate statistical analysis as virtual sensors can generate specific results corresponding to the core of the equipment or process, and gets rid of non-accurate information using experience rating. That provides a way to guide R&D engineers and to bring to light the essence of the whole process. In summary, process stabilization and cost saving are the main advantages of virtual sensors. Keywords- R&D Management; Virtual Sensors; Knowledge Management; Multivariate Statistical Analysis; I.C. Manufacturing