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E-Learning: An Important Educational Technology

Education plays an important role in the progress and development of human civilizations and cultures. During the early days of evolution, the scope of education was restricted only to learning and practising things for their utility. As the human race move towards the civilised living, gradually the meaning and scope of education started changing and still it is in progressive form with the advancements in the fields of science and technology and also with the changing needs of our ambitious and progressive societies. The basic aim of education is to gain more and more knowledge with less effort. Various educational technologies provide support in this area. In 1992 The National Policy on Education emphasized using educational technology to improve the quality of education. E-learning is such educational technology which is gaining more and more popularity in the field of teaching- learning due to its impact, effectiveness and efficiency. This paper is a humble effort to discuss the role of e-learning in the field of education, its advantages, disadvantages, types and various other things related to e-learning as far as its educational implications are concerned. Keywords— Educational Technology, E-learning, Educational Implications.