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Effectiveness of Online Learning for Behavioural Competencies for Employees in it Organizations – A Conceptual Paper

In the last two decades, Globalization and development in technology has led to the rapid growth of Indian IT businesses in the Global market. This has subsequently resulted in massive deployment of Indian workforce in IT organizations. With the business of IT being highly competitive there is a huge need for employees in these organizations not only to be competent in technology but also to be equally competent in their behavioural competencies to sustain and derive continuous business results. With changing business scenarios and the advent of technologies into people’s lives, these organizations are also keenly looking into the opportunity of deploying online learning methodologies to train people in their behavioural competencies. However, there are multiple challenges that IT professionals face while using online learning for behavioural competencies. This research proposes to study various factors that influence the utilization and effectiveness of online learning for behavioural competencies for employees in IT organizations. Index Terms— IT organizations, IT professionals, Online Learning, Behavioural competencies.