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Decomposition and Factor Influencing Residential Property in Malaysia Using Dynamic Regression

This paper examines the decomposition and factors influence residential property in Malaysia. There have a lot detail study about Malaysia property price, satisfaction and preference Teck Hong (2008, 2010, 2012), Abdul Ghani (2008) & Abdul Mohit et. al (2010) but there has no detail study in property using dynamic analysis with general macro perspective. So, we developed simple dynamic model and study about housing price were influence by income (Gross national income (GNI) & Money (m1)), and economic problem (inflation & unemployment) in Malaysia in 1988 to2014 using quarterly data. These study focus on how the relationship, reaction and stability property price model. Earlier hypotheses, we hope that incomes have positive relationship and economic problem have negative correlation with residential property price in Malaysia. This paper also found that the new empirical evidence and theorem development with creation of D-CURVE theorem based on statistical evidence. Its shows that partially support both for income and economic impact in Malaysian property price. The implications of this study will impact industry, decision making and consumer in form of general overview residential property price in Malaysia. Index Terms— residential property; Malaysian property; D-curve; income impact theorem; economic impact theorem