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Choice of Golf Hotels With Aras Method: An Application in Antalya Belek Region

The hotel selection is being quite important issue for guests and they are often trying to choose the best from more than one hotel. Hotel choice, which contains many factors, is a multi-criteria decision making problem. The aim of study is determination of golf hotels preference ranking based on selection criteria operating in Antalya Belek region. For this purpose, the ARAS method is used in the study which is used in multi-criteria decision making problems. Firstly ARAS method explained, the best golf hotel has been tried to be identified within the framework of the golf hotel selection criteria. Within the scope of the study 10 golf hotels have been selected operating in Belek. The required data about selected golf hotels are obtained from Selected hotels are compared with Aras method and golf hotels preference ranking revealed. Keywords: Golf Tourism, Hotel Selection, ARAS, Multi Criteria Decision Making