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The State and Religion in Turkey

In Turkey, the state is often as different from the West as a struggle to get away from religion rather than the religion tried to take control. This difference is sometimes the original conditions of Turkey religion, every moment of life is associated with the editing feature. The process of building a secular state with the proclamation of the Republic, has strengthened the trend of the audit. Religion sometimes has been recognized as a source of threat and sometimes the provider of the social order. Considering the religious outlook of the state, seasonal conditions, although some differences exist, the religion is founded on the continuity of the control has shown. The main purpose of the study and research of social scientists all over the world and regarded as one of the main issues of the debate, to his relation with the religion of the state is to examine the question in the case of Turkey. Since the proclamation of the Republic in 1923, Turkey's state-religion relationship, which rotates on the axis of the investigation of the basic dynamics and that ongoing discussions were going on in terms of quite secular in order to illustrate that there seems to be important. Keywords:Religion State Relationship, Secularism, Secular State, Secularism Models.