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Boundaries to Social-Just Sexuality Education in South Africa: An Analysis

Many young people approach adulthood faced with conflicting and confusing messages about sexuality. This is often exacerbated by embarrassment, silence and disapproval of open discussion of sexual matters by adults, including parents and teachers. There have been several efforts to incorporate sexuality related education programmes in schools in South Africa in order to address social challenges facing adolescents. There are, however, various barriers to effective implementation of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). These include inadequate resources such as textbooks for CSE, teacher and pedagogical boundaries such as educators’ heavy reliance on authoritarian and didactic approaches to teaching, and cultural boundaries as well as community opposition. It becomes apparent that Education should respond to the current issues and challenges faced by young people by taking onto consideration and being informed about obstacles to effective comprehensive sexuality education for young people in South Africa. Keywords— Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE); Systems Theory; Culture.