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The Impact of Individual Variables on Job Satisfaction: A Study of First Grade College Employees of North Karnataka India

The research article tries to ascertain the association that exists between the individual variables such as educational qualifications, age, gender, marital status, salary, experience, post held and inhabited background and job satisfaction in the midst of first grade college employees in some First Grade colleges of North Karnataka region India. It also attempts to ascertain those individual factors which influence job satisfaction among employees in these Colleges. The study was conducted on 202 employees of both government and private –aided colleges ‘employees in North Karnataka. The study used both descriptive and inferential statistics such as frequency, mean and standard deviation, including Pearson product moment correlation coefficient and multiple regressions to examine the data. The results designate that there is a significant positive relationship between gender, fringe benefits and working conditions; and with job content, supervision, salary, opportunities for advancement, contingent awards, promotion and autonomy, it shows a significant relationship. Based on the findings, the study recommends that government and the managements of the institutes ought to offer much prominence to working environment and autonomy for enhanced job satisfaction amid their employees. Besides, a proportional study was also suggested on government and aided colleges’ employees to recognize their acumen in relation to their job satisfaction.