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Women Empowerment Through MGNREGA: An Empirical Study of MEWAT (Haryana)

Women in Indian society represent a totally deprived lot. Their empowerment has a great potential in leading the country to spectacular development. The emerging issues and challenges in rural India also compel us to adopt a pragmatic support system to empower the women. MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) and its implementation support this agenda through facilitating the essential processes of entrepreneurship, capacity building, education, health and hygiene etc. especially by involving the women folk of the rural India. The achievement of inclusive growth and overall development is highly dependent on the gender equality and prosperity of women in the rural society. The paper explains the potential of this program and its role in individual performance. 15 Panchayats of Mewat district of Haryana have been taken as a sample for the study. The sample has the representation of both male and female categories. The study focuses on the impact of MGNREGA in Mewat region on the women population and their different development indicators. The analysis shows an encouraging result and identifies significant changes in rural women entrepreneurship through these arrangements. Keywords— Women Empowerment, MGNREGA, Gender Parity, Rural Development, Mewat.