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The Kite Runner: Innocence Wrecked

One of the most significant preachings of Islam and its messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him: PBUH) is the benevolent upbringing of children with compassion and love. Yet when we read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, we become aware of the acute misery that was inflicted upon the children in the light of the war that ravaged Afghanistan. The book revolves around two children, Amir and Hassan and traces their lives over the years of war and destruction as the Afghan monarchy came crumbling down. Islam does not differentiate between children based on their lineage yet we see the stark difference between Amir and Hassan as they belonged to different hierarchies. The objective of this paper will be to look into the teachings of Islam about Muslim children and their contrasting reality in a hostile world. The paper begins with an understanding of the teachings of Islam about children and then delves into an analysis of Hosseini’s novel. Index Terms— Afghanistan, Hosseini, Islam, The Kite Runner, War.