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Training Needs Assessment and Entrepreneurial Attributes Perceived by Rural Women in Diversified Agricultural Activities

Women play a vital role in diversified agricultural activities however most of their contribution is unpaid and unorganized. In this study efforts have been made to recognize their training need and entrepreneurial attributes regarding diversified agricultural activities. Hisardistrict of Haryana was selected purposively having State Agriculture University and other State and Central institutions pertaining to agriculture and allied areas. A sample of 200 respondents was selected from four villages namelyMangali, Kaimri, Rawalwas and Shapur. Results revealed that majority of the respondents expressed high training need for food processing (65.0%) followed by dairy production and floriculture.It was found that more than half of the respondents reported high category for problem analysis (51.0%), creativity (55.0%) and ability to motivate other (51.5%) for personal competency domain.Women gave first preferenceto food processing as training needs to undertake diversified agricultural activities. They found themselves more comfortable while communicating with consumer in food processing field and since this field is also considered as environmental scanning. Further, they perceived that it is a field of less competency and they can set their goals easily. Key Words- Women, need assessment, entrepreneur, food processing.