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Resistance to Mobile Banking Adoption: With Special Reference to Retail Banking Customers of Sri Lanka

This paper aims to examine the factors which, affect resistance to adopt mobile banking. Data gathered though a survey based on stratified sample and was consisted 300 retail banking customers who attached to government owned commercial banks from Western Provinces of Sri Lanka. Descriptive Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis and Stepwise Regression Models were used to analyze data.Research findings revealed thatusage barriers, risk barriers, tradition barriers and image barriers were significantly and negatively impact on mobile banking adoptionwhereas value barrier was not a cause to resist mobile banking by retail banking customers in Sri Lanka.Risk and image barriers were reported as the two critical factors which causes to resist mobile banking adoptionby retail customers of Sri Lanka. The results demonstrated as how those factors limit mobile banking adoption by retail customers and deliver a strong message to bank management to determine the factors which limit mobile banking adoptionand they would beable to articulate strategies to remove those barriers to increase mobile banking adoptionin Sri Lanka. Index Terms: Mobile Banking, Retail Customers, Sri Lanka.