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Detection and Resolution of Teaching Staff Conflicts in Engineering Colleges

Engineering Colleges have been contributing to uphold the education to engineering students, to instill professionalism, to inculcate ethics and ultimately enable the graduated students to contribute to social enrichment. It is widely recognized that the college teachers play vital role in promoting education in engineering colleges. Under JNTUH aegis alone, there are more than one lakh registered faculties in the affiliated engineering colleges as on this date. In higher educational institutions, even slight dispersion in their work life balance parameters would induce stress, provoke the dislikes and catalyse the conflicts amongst the teachers in the work environment. Besides, some of the HR policies in the colleges, excess class room works, unfair feedback, team work issues, distrust amongst colleagues, lack of openness in communication, organizational and management uneven support, professional jealousy etc would further flare up the conflicts in the teachers. Usually, these teachers are the main force to identify and cooperate to resolve the student related conflicts that surface in the class rooms. But when the teachers themselves enter into conflict with other teachers, adequate mechanism should exist in the colleges to identify and resolve the conflicts and to achieve the college goals. In this contedt, this study context through survey questionnaire to teachers and find out the natue of the conflict amongst the teachers, the conflict detection mechanisms, the awareness and the roles of faculty in contributing to resolve the teachers conflicts in higher education colleges in Hyderabad region. Index terms- Conflicts management, resolution, categorical data, mediation