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Self-Identification of a Dancer from the Mirror

From the experience of being a dancer at Hong Kong Disney Land, I had the chance to know myself more and realized that self-identification was very low at that moment. Fortunately, I was inspired to excavate my ability and personality from observation those dancers who are from all over the world and work with me. However, I realized that there was a different me that I haven’t ever known from mirror. Since I had lost myself due to the inferiority complex on figure, alienation from group and frustration from failure; that’s the reason I choose to define myself against other’s viewpoint. When I reborn again from this experience, I’ve learned that to accept the imperfect self and describe myself with my way is important. For that reason, I will use the narrative with personal story, experience, photo, and diary and against the Existentialism to this research. Through the story sharing to think about the meaning of self-existence and self-identification to find myself, build self-value and positively impact my moving in the groove. Keywords— Self-identification, Narrative, Existentialism, Dancer, Mirror.