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Financial Feasibility of SHG in Buffalo Dairy Enterprise

Investigation was carried out for the year 2011-12 in order to study the net present worth, Internal rate of return,payback period and Benifit Cost ratio of buffalo dairy enterprises in Parbhani district of Maharashtra.Tabular and financial analysis function were used for present study.The total cost pee buffalo per annum was Rs.45955.70 and Net return was Rs.20928.68 per annum.The net present value (Rs.19356.26) was found possitive,Internal rate of return(19.93 percent) was higher than bank rate where as Benefit cost ratio (1.56) was more than unity.Hence, dairy was feasible enterprise and very much suitable for empowering rural women economically and socially. Keywords— Dairy, Net present worth, Internal rate of return, pay back period, B:C ratio.