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Relationship Between Academic Self Concept and Academic Achievement Among UITM Centre of Football Athletes

The purpose of this study was to identify academic self-concept level of UiTM Centre of Excellent and the relation of it with athlete’s academic achievements. This study was a descriptive and correlation research with the respondents coming from students-athlete studying in UiTM Shah Alam which were under the PKS Football Programme. All the participants were required to complete an Academic Self-Concept Scale Questions which consist of two subscales (i) academic confidence and (ii) academic effort. Findings indicate that the mean for academic confidence was 3.80 which was slightly higher than academic effort 3.45. In addition, there was a weak positive correlation (r =. 155) between academic self-concept level and academic achievements. This study suggests that student athletes may possessed a considerable higher confidence in their study. Furthermore, a weak relationship may suggest academic self-concept has less influence in academic achievements. Future study are warranted to explore the potential relationship (if any) in larger, different gender student population. Keywords: Academic Self-Concept, Academic Achievement, Student-Athletes.