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Why do Talents Stay? Time Perspective, Fit, and Organizational Support

A paradox of human capital is that employees with greater capability can contribute to higher job performances, yet such talents are frequently not easy to retain in organizations. It may cost an organization substantially to lose a mediocre workforce, not to mention intelligent employees. This study investigates two three-way interaction effects of P-O fit/POS, future time perspective, and human capital on turnover intention. A sample of 585 engineers and their immediate supervisors is used to examine the hypothesized relationships. Research findings suggest that future time perspective reduces the positive effect of human capital on turnover intention. I also find that there is a three-way interaction between P-O fit, future time perspective, and human capital in such way that human capital predicts higher turnover intention when future time perspective and P-O fir are low. The findings of this study improve our understanding of human capital retention. Index Terms- Human capital, Perceived organizational support, Person-organization fit, Time perspective, Turnover intention.