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The Role of Society and Village Government in Empowering Potential and Former Migrant Workers

Being a migrant worker for rural communities remains the most promising expectations to ensure a better fate despite many problems and risks that must be faced. This study used Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) as a method of research involving the role of society and village government in empowering potential and former migrant workers. Research site was located in the village of Karangtawang and Sidaurip of Cilacap District as the region with the largest number of migrant workers in Central Java. The findings show that societies and village governments have not played an optimal role in economic empowerment for the potential and former migrant workers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an empowerment approach through participatory communication in the planning and implementation of development programs in the village. So that people can earn a decent living and do not leave their village to become migrant workers abroad. Index Terms— Migrant Workers, Government, Village, Empowerment.