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Case Study of Factors Causing Women Students to Drop Out of Engineering in Republic of Korea

In this study we conducted a factor analysis on data collected through deep interviews and questionnaires with 150 women students who changed their major from Engineering and 350 women students who intended to drop out of their studies in engineering at P University in Republic of Korea. It is expected that the results of this factor analysis may be used in developing a national women economics and women in engineering program. Developing a women engineering education methodology that reduces the dropout rate of women students is an important issue not only for the women economics and increasing the manpower of South Korea but also for upgrading the quality of South Korea women’s lives. This research has been progressed since 2006, and we had proposed the women included engineering education and the special programs for women engineering students. As the results, women engineering students’ dropout rate in college of engineering in P University was about 5% at 2006, it was much higher than 1% of male students’, however the dropout rate of women engineering students were decreased to 1% at 2015 due to the case study of factor analysis of women engineering student’s dropout from college of engineering Keywords- Women Economics, Women in Engineering, Drop out of Engineering