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China and the New Silk Road

China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and to fulfill the needs of its rising economy, it needs more energy resources. The Chinese Western neighbors, the landlocked Central Asian States, are very rich in natural resources especially in hydrocarbons; oil and gas. With new trade routes, China considers those neighbors as important contributors for its economic growth. On one hand, China can provide them access to the Pacific Ocean where they can export their products through maritime routes. While on the other hand, China can get natural resources for its flourishing economy and also can export its products in these countries. So, trade between Chinese and Central Asian states is mutually beneficial and it will create enormous impact on Chinese Economy and this is only possible with the development of the New Silk Road. This paper will focus on the importance of New Silk Road to China and would describe as to how it will create enormous impact on Chinese Economy. The paper will also concentrate on Chinese rationale for developing the New Silk Road: to reduce the U.S and Russian influence on Center Asian Republics, to find some trade options other than Malacca Straights, and to bring stability in its underdeveloped Western areas. Key Words- New Silk Road, Eurasian countries, Chinese Economy, Malacca Straights