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Impact of Higher Education Institution’s Reputation and Image on Students’ Intention of Prospective Collaborations

University-Industry collaborations can create various benefits for the all sides of them. However, there is often a weak link in many countries between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and industrial organizations. Therefore, to strengthen the relationship and to create benefits for stakeholders of it, the investigation of the determinants of relationship between universities and industrial organizations is important. Previous many studies found that a positive HEI’s reputation and image increase the loyalties of students to their institutions. Thus, it is claimed in this study that reputation and image of an HEI affect intentions of its students on future collaborations. For this aim, the data was collected from 1368 senior students of a faculty in a public university. The findings of research indicated that a combination of HEI’s reputation and image affect students’ intentions to collaborate with their universities in future. Keywords- Institutional reputation, institutional image, university-industry collaboration, higher education institutes, Turkey.