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Implementation of the Regional Administrative Decentralization Gradual

The Regional Administrative Decentralization one of the methods the administration, which has spread in recent decades in the world. The Regional Administrative Decentralization is a method of administrative action, which focused on the distribution of competences of the administrative function between the central authority and the local entities. The regional administrative decentralization leads to the application of democratic principles by enabling local people to manage their own affairs and they participate in decision-making, in addition to allowing minorities to choose their representatives to participate in decision-making, which helps in the unity of the country. As well as, the regional administrative decentralization helps to reduce routine and improve the delivery of public services. However, there are several obstacles to the implementation of administrative decentralization are the lack of experience of the local entities and the lack of financial resources as well as accountability. In addition to the fear of division in countries that consist of multiple nationalities and religions. Some countries such as France implemented the administrative decentralization in stages. France succeeded in decentralization in stages since 1982, but the decentralization experiment at the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789 failed when implemented it directly. So, the researcher believes the gradual implementation the best method for getting the advantages of the regional administrative decentralization and avoid the obstacles, for several reasons. Keywords- Decentralization, administrative decentralization, regional administrative decentralization, administrative law.