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Development of Co-Ni/Graphene Based Bimetallic Electro-Catalyst for Methanol Oxidation

Recently carbon black was commonly used as a support for fuel cells but their properties were not satisfactory for the better electro-catalytic activity and stability. However, graphene can overcome the main problem facing the non-precious electro-catalysts; low electro-catalytic activity. Commonly platinum based electrode materials were used in DMFCs, but high cost of platinum limited the commercialization of DMFCs. In this paper the electro-catalytic oxidation of methanol is studied on the non-noble catalysts Ni-Co/graphene. The bimetallic electro-catalyst was prepared with different Co-Ni ratios by using simple solution synthesis method. The synthesized materials are characterized by X- ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The electro-catalytic activity of Ni-Co/graphene has been investigated by using cyclic voltammetry. Keywords- DMFCs, Graphene, Electro-catalyst, Electro-catalytic activity.