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Human Resource Management - A Novel Method to Find Not Just Resources But Real Talent

“One of the most important aspects of a developing and continuously growing business is to get the right people in to the business and at right slots.” Recruitment, as a resource management process, is one of the activities that most critically impact the performance of an organization. While it is a proven fact that poor recruitment decisions continue to affect organizational performance and limit goal achievement, it is taking a long time for agencies in many jurisdictions to identify and implement new and effective hiring strategies. In some areas, existing laws inhibit change; in others, the inhibiting factor is managerial inertia. In seeking to get the most from our employees a key factor is to ensure that we are recruiting those who have the potential to make the greatest contribution. This may sound like obvious requirement but, even today; many companies continue to adopt unstructured approaches for recruiting with the result that challenge to get the most from employees is immediately magnified. As per a survey conducted, 45% of the startups that have not been successful are the result of having efficient people at wrong places of work. The continuous demand of recruiters to hunt for the best talent has made a deep dent into the natural asset and capabilities of the selected candidate. So the need is to first hire good recruiters before the employees to maximize the profits and maintain a proper balance in the business which in return will give exponential growth results. Keywords - Management, Method, Candidate, Talent, System, Recruitment, Business, Organization