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Development of Scar Marker Linked to Heat Stress Tolerance in Tomato

This experiment was done to design specific sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) markers linked to the heat stress in tomato from the RAPD marker. DNA was extracted from both heat susceptible and heat tolerancetomato. And 14 RAPD primers, known to be linked with Quantitative trait loci (QTL) for hat stress, were used. Only two primers were able to generate bands with desired sizes, primer D11 sequnced band with size 300bp and primer p06 seprated band with size 500bp. These two bands were cloned and sequenced to design SCAE1 and SCAE2 primers,SCAR primers amplified a reproducible band of 300 base pairs (bp) that is dominant and it appeared in heat tolerance tomato but did not appear in heat susceptable tomato.This SCAR marker can be used for tomato marker-assisted selection for heat tolerance breeding programs. Index Terms - SCAR Marker, Heat Stress Tolerance, Tomato