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An Empirical Research Paper on the Consequences of Employee Engagement on Employee Performance of Indian Cement Industry

The purpose of this paper is to know the effect of employee engagement on employee performance of Indian cement industry. The paper studies the level of employee fulfillment to employee engagement and employee performance in cement companies of Rayalaseema region. Employee engagement has become a burning topic in current centuries; there is broader possibility of employee engagement which can significantly enhance the performance of the employee as well as the business performance relating to number of key areas such as effectiveness, efficiency, client satisfaction, innovation, health and safety, sickness and absence, income and well-being, advancement and removals, job safety etc. Employee engagement is a more solid analyst of positive organizational performance and employee performance clearly showing the two-way relationship between employer and employee. All the findings are tested at Significant at 0.01 and 0.05 level of significance. The results conclude that there is a strong positive correlation between Gallup employee engagement items and employee performance variables such as job content, working conditions, skill variety, autonomy and employee behavior. The findings also reveal that Challenging work, Role perception is having weak positive and a negative correlation with employee engagement items. The paper identifies the five affecting factors (Employee Recognition, Strategic Alignment, Employee Empowerment, Interesting and Challenging work and work conditions) of employee engagement on employee performance. To analyze the data various statistical tools were used such as reliability test, frequency distribution, correlation coefficient and factor analysis tools. Keywords- Correlation, Gallup employee engagement, Disengagement, Employee Empowerment.