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A Study on Experiences of Indian Entrepreneurial Communities

Max Weber and many western scholars criticized Hindu social systems and hold responsible for hindrances in Indian economic progress. However, the various Indian communities maintained the legacy of entrepreneurship and impression of their footprint left over on the Indian economy. This research manuscript aims to understand, are there any inter or intra differences in the way the entrepreneurs from different community of India approaches business? Are there any inter or intra differences in their entrepreneurial orientations (EOs) and what is the impact of socio-psychological antecedents viz. personal values and perceived entrepreneurial environment on their EOs. India's planned economy is exhibiting remarkable economic development. Like traditional form of Marwari-Gujarati entrepreneurship other Indian communities are also emerging in modern version of technological entrepreneurship. This study tries to identify the challenges facing by these communities and by its comparison their strengths and weaknesses. Index Terms— Entrepreneurial orientation, Personal values, Entrepreneurial Community