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Social and Economic Factors Influencing the Management of Solid Waste in Ghana: A Case Study of the Kumasi Metropolis

The challenge of managing solid waste effectively is becoming crucial in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area largely due to rapid urbanization, poor financing capacity of authorities and lack of safe waste disposal sites. More than 90% of solid waste generated was not properly disposed off until 2004 when the Dompoase Landfill was constructed to be the final disposal site for all the wastes produced in the metropolis. The project has been hailed as a ‘blessing’ from the point of view of costs, location and environmental impacts. Waste in the landfill is also to be used to produce energy and fertilizer through composting. However, the operation of the landfill has come with very daunting challenges as people who reside close to it and the general public has put up fierce resistance in an effort to protect their right to live in a healthy and hazard-free environment. The aim of this study is to the socio-economic factors influencing the management of solid waste in Ghana. Keyword - Waste Management, Solid Waste, Landfill, Waste Collection