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Modern Art, Technology and Changing Modern Living Environments

Human’s living environment in any era takes shape based on his/her attitude, viewpoint and understanding of life in that age. Buildings, tools, technologies and works of art indicate material needs and consequently the understanding of and need for the spiritual world. This paper aims to examine the impacts of scientific theories on the outward image of modern life by adopting the concepts of modern science theories and investigating the mindset of modern human regarding creating a new world. For example, it considers the effects of World War II which was followed by the Industrial Revolution and Neil Armstrong’s setting foot on the moon, its relationship with the definition of the fifth facade in buildings and urban areas, the impact of Einstein's theory of relativity on the philosophical/artistic schools and its manifestations. What if we had some materials through which we could portray spider webs and walked in the in the corridors that evoked the atmosphere of DNA structure? What if technology provided a tool which could induce interstellar space on earth by human’s adoption of the concept of galactic spaces and what if we drove on the highways that invoked wormholes and time tunnels? Now that the modern science seeks to reveal a new meaning of the universe, it is necessary that our life style and urban areas be consistent with the theories of modern science. Technology links science with everyday life .Therefore, by taking into account the psychological needs, it is hoped that the modern science and for instance the theories of Stephen Hawking will be put into practice, and an environment in line with the modern man’s mentality will be created. Keywords- modern science, living environment, concept, technology, philosophical/artistic schools