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Political Shifts in Australia Election : Study Case of Raising the Minor Party in Last 20 Years in Federal Election

In Australia politics, liberal party and labour has become a major actor. Beside the longstanding governancy, liberal and labour has been the most popular party inside and outside australia. But in fact there are many of australiam political party which actually exist, along with different ideology and base of policy. In last two decades, the minor party has gain many of swing voters over 30 percents. This again, by author has been considered as the raising of minor party in order of the unstable of internal of major party. Tha major party, both liberal and labour has been for some years had a catasthrope turbulence inside the party which widely known as leadership spillover. This problem has generated more of sceptism on the goverment. Alongside with, the raising of post materialism issue has put an advantage toward the minor party which has been long the way advocating some issue that become the major campaign issue. With a settled platform of ideology, the minor party has catch more of youngman’s voters in federal election. Keywords - Liberal party, Labour party, Minor party, leadership spilover, post materialism issue, federal election