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The Effects of Personality Traits and Leisure Time Behaviours on Life Satisfaction: A Study of Turkish and Australian Students

This study focuses on how choice of leisure activity and personal traits affects the students’ levels of life satisfaction. How an individual chooses to spend their leisure time reflects that individuals interests, talents and personality and yet although these activities are freely chosen by the individual with the intent of providing of some level of relaxation and enjoyment, all leisure activities do not equally contribute to the perception of life satisfaction. Choice of leisure activity can be broadly categorized according to the big five personality traits which in turn, affect leisure choice and subsequent level of life satisfaction. The study examines how these broad personality types influence an individual’s choice of leisure activities and how that choice affects one’s sense of accomplishment and the perception of satisfaction with life.This study focuses on students both in the Australia and Turkey and seeks to establish a link between personality type, leisure behaviour and consequent sense of well-being. It is our intention to show that certain types of leisure activity promote increased levels of accomplishment and well-being and since leisure activity is dependent on personality type, some personalities are more predisposed toward higher levels of life satisfaction than others. Key Words - Personality traits, life satisfaction, leisure