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Sustainability Assessment Of University Campus Through Various Rating Systems

Around the world, many individual campus assessment projects have been done over the last decade. This research intended to initiate this kind of practices in developing country by assessing the sustainability performances of university campus from Myanmar, Yangon Technological University. The main aim of assessment actions is to comparatively reflect developing country university campus from the viewpoint of the international well-known rating systems/ tools established by developed country. The research framework was designed with three major phases while the first two phases focus on content analysis and the last one reflect on evaluation performances. This study indicates that there is no perfect tool to assess the university campus from developing country by showing the different evaluation results on single development. Across three sustainable dimensions, YTU campus has the strength in society and economic but it fails to earn high score in environment. Even though there have several commitments on persuading sustainability, it is still poor and failed to earn high sustainability certification according to lack of regulations, guidelines and standards. To line on the sustainability path of way, the weakness highlighted by this research should be taken actions by means of several pilot projects participating and encouraging students and researchers from multi disciplines. The leading of the university as a sustainable campus would also bring the benefits of communities to develop more sustainable ways of living and working and addressing society’s modern environmental challenges. Index terms- SustainabilityAssessment, University Campus, Rating Systems, Yangon Technological University, Developing Country.