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The Media’s Participation in Developing Bandung City under RidwanKamil Administration

This research is aimed to explain the role of media in effort todevelop bandungas one of the best city in Indonesia under Ridwankamiladministration through qualitative method. Media is one ofway to spread the informations in of them is coming from government aspect. The participation of media caused both positive and negative impacts. The positive impact is media become a tool to socialize government’s policies to society and the negative impact is media could becontrolled by the political eliteso it could influence the neutrality of media. The role of media could be seen in Indonesia especially in Bandung where mediaused to socialize the government’s policies in particular underRidwanKamil administration as a mayor of Bandung city. In due to the involvement of media in Bandung, it makes Bandung become the best city in Indonesia. Furthermore, the impact of media’s participation in developing bandung would be explained further in this research. Keyword - government policies, the participation of media, impact of media’s participation to Bandung development.