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The Role Of Computer And Computer Assisted Education In The Lives Of Preschool Children

This research was carried out in order to investigate the present situation of the children who attend pre-primary education institutions in the city center of Adıyaman in relation to their computer-aided education, support of this education at home, and all present experiences of children related to computer. The children, who attend to kindergarten and preschools located in the city center of Adıyaman and affiliated to the National Education Directorate, constitute the universe of the study. Among the children attending these educational institutions, 61 children were selected as the study sample based on convenience sampling method and a questionnaire was implemented with these children. The data obtained from the questionnaires were analyzed by frequency distribution. As a result, 52.5% of the children had a home computer, 47.5% had no home computer; all of the 61 children were found to have computers at school, but 67.2% of them did not have it in the classroom, only 32.8% had computer in the classroom. Keywords- Preschool Education, Computer Assisted Education