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Employee Participation and its Influence on Job Satisfaction - A Comprehensive Analysis

‘Satisfied employee is a productive employee’- aptly quoted by management experts. Employee participation in job plays a significant role in influencing satisfaction and gives immense support to the management. To run an organization successfully, it is mandatory for the manager to secure full fledged cooperation from employees. However, it may appear easy on black &white paper but when it comes to practical implementation it has its own constraints. Employees are the backbone for any organization and are regarded assets to company because of their intellectual capital. Manpower is the central factor influencing the productivity, efficiency and profitability of a firm The research examines a variety of dimensions of employee suggestions and its impact on job satisfaction. Employee suggestions Systems is a program that managers can utilize to help employees come up with creative ideas. The purpose of this study is to develop a better understanding of Employer-employee relationship based on the presence of factors such as organizational culture, job climate, effective communication networks, supervisor feedback and moreover employee involvement in managerial decision making. It examines the role of ESS-Employee Suggestion Systems, how employers are managing participation within their organizations, the various procedures being used, and their effectiveness. Keywords - Employee Suggestions Systems, Communication system, Working Environment, Job Satisfaction , Conflict at Work