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An Analytical study of Brand Equity and Brand Experience of Carrefour

The study is descriptive in nature have taken in consideration the two different dimensions of branding as brand equity and brand experience. The extensive literature review in this area leads to the research problem as to measure the customer perception on the brand equity and brand experience of Carrefour store. For the purpose of solving the research problem, following research objectives formulated as to find the consumer perception on brand equity of Carrefour store, to find the consumer perception on brand experience of Carrefour store, to know the factors important for the acceptance of brand equity and brand experience of Carrefour store. Further a well-planned research methodology presented for the study where the demographic variable data get analyzed as percentage and frequency. The statistical technique of t- test used to with the test value 4 for the higher level of testing for the acceptance of items. Data collected through a structured questionnaire and tested for reliability value as well. Analysis presented in a tabular format for the better understanding of the concept taken in this study. Finally the conclusion drawn on the basis of data analysis that except one factor as fifteenth item “This brand results in bodily experiences”, all other factors have been accepted with the strong support. Keywords - Brand, equity, experience, Apple, phones