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Introducing Responsive Building Facade in Egypt for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Responsiveness is a distinctive characteristic that can offer a great opportunity when used in building facades while adding responsive units that allow or prevent the daylight into the spaces offering a chance to regulate sun light to minimize electric light dependency and benefiting from natural resources to reduce energy consumption seeking sustainable building design. Not ignoring the human comfort as a main aspect and the psychological and physiological impacts, inspiring from the mother nature the concepts of biomimicry can be apply all over the notion of responsive facades systems, whereas a lot of ideas have evolved mimicking on different scales to solve problems nature has experienced and solved a long time ago where as these solutions might minimize the human impact on the environment in the road of achieving the main goal which is a sustainable built environment. Exploring the ideas either implemented or not for responsive façade and finding a method to categorize them in accordance to motion type and complexity, might open the door for more innovation in this field helping more architects to get involved and contribute in finding a suitable strategy to implement responsive facade systems in Egypt. Keywords— biomimicry, daylight, human comfort, kinetic façade, responsive façade