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Us – Russian Relations at the Lowest Point Now – Causes & Impact

US today feels that there is no role for Assad in Syria's future, given that he had lost legitimacy. The way the Assad Administration is behaving, it is unclear if Russia is taking its obligation seriously to rid Syria of chemical weapons. As the war is no solution to the problem, the negotiations between the warring factions is the only way forward. For this, while the sufferings of the Syrian people should be relieved forthwith, Russia should be allowed to play an important role to decide upon their future of Syria and continue to be its strongest ally. On the other side, China, should persuade its ally North Korea to resist from continuing with its missile program and should immediately come on the negotiation table. Moreover, Washington should resist itself from launching a unilateral strike on North Korea, like the one on Syria. It is a fact that the reckless nuclear missile actions of Pyongyang has violated the UN resolutions, but that does not mean that US break international law. The crisis should rather be resolved through diplomatic routes and multilateral dialogues. Moreover, as the Chinese companies are being accused of acting as enablers of North Korea's nuclear missile program, China should come clean and persuade its ally North Korea to resist from future test firing of conventional or nuclear missiles. Keywords - Syrian Crisis, Chemical Weapons, US Airstrikes, North Korea, Missile Program, Nuclear Arms and Missiles.