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Impact of Privatization on Telecommunication

The development of telecommunication has helped iatrogenic economic process of states. In India the telecommunication sector was government monopolized since independence. easement of the Indian economy brought ocean of changes in varied sectors then in telecommunication sector. This paper studies the transition of telecommunication sector pre and post privatization. The telecommunication sector witnessed large growth once it had been opened to the personal sector. The developments within the telecommunication sector helped the opposite sectors in their operation. Privatization of Telecommunication has created it simply reasonable to someone that helps India to grow from all aspects. India may be a large country with monumental population. Physical proximity has continuously been a challenge to the folks. Be it some personal crisis or a business want, to succeed in the various corners of the country had taken days and months. however things have modified with the assistance of telecommunication. the expansion and penetration of telecommunication haven't solely improved the overall communication however even have improved completely different sectors of the economy. The telephones that were considered to be the sign of " luxury " few years back area unit currently " necessity " product. Modernization and growth of the many sectors of Indian economy came with the expansion of telecommunication. The revolution of Indian telecommunication started with the vision of creating telecommunication accessible. Post easement of the world, India has become the second largest telecommunication market of the globe following China. Keywords: Privatization, Telecommunication, Socio-economic Development