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Customer Relationship Management As a Marketing Tool

The ultimate purpose of CRM, like any organizational initiative, is to increase profit. In the case of CRM this is achieved mainly by providing a better service to your customers than your competitors. CRM not only improves the service to customers though; a good CRM capability will also reduce costs, wastage, and complaints Effective CRM also reduces staff stress, because attrition - a major cause of stress – reduces as services and relationships improve. CRM enables instant market research as well: opening the lines of communications with customers gives direct constant market reaction to the products, services and performance, far better than any market survey. Good CRM also helps to grow business: customers stay longer; customer churn rates reduce; referrals to new customers increase from increasing numbers of satisfied customers; demand reduces on fire-fighting and trouble-shooting staff, and overall the organization’s service flows and teams work more efficiently and more happily, as cited the case of Airtel Magic at Bharti in this study. Keyword - CRM, Loyalty, Roll It, Networking Infrastructure, Tailor-Made Scheme.