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A Study on Ways to Improve Safe Driving and Friendly Service of Intra-City Buses in Busan

Busan Metropolitan City has employed bus quasi-public operating system as part of vitalizing public transportation since 2007. After adopting the system, thanks to reorganizing routes and improving fare system, there was increase in the number of passengers for a certain periods. But, the number of passengers has been in a declining trend, again. It implies that a system-wise improvement has limited effect on the growth in the use of intra-city buses. This study, therefore, reached a conclusion that there should be a new way to increase bus usage, which led to analysis the advance of safe driving and friendly service. A survey, which consists of 8 items for safe driving and 16 for friendly service, was conducted targeting passengers and the bus-drivers. By doing this, the study considered the means to upgrade safe driving and friendly service of the buses in Busan. Index Terms Public Transportation, Intra-City Bus, Safe Driving, Friendly Service.