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A Study of Residents’ Awareness of Parking Lots in Residential Areas and Ways to Promote Private Parking Lots

As cars become very popular, there have been many problems with shortage of parking space. Especially, it is serious in the high-density residential areas which were built before the enactment of the Parking Lot Act. Utilizing the factfinding survey of demand and supply of parking lots conducted by Busan, the study carried out a survey of areas which had poor conditions for parking. Based on the survey, the study found out the status of using a parking lot and the seriousness of the parking issue. Also it presented the promotion of building private parking lots as a means of improving parking environment. As part of activating private parking lots, the study noted mechanical parking stations suitable for hilly districts. Based on the support standard for building private parking lots in Seoul and Busan, the study took an example a roof parking in SANBOK (Surrounding the mountains) road in Busan and calculated the construction cost and profits on a case basis. As a result, the current support policy for private parking lots was not enough to promote private ones in the highdensity residential areas. In conclusion, the study maintained that system improvement was urgent. Index terms: Private Parking lot, Quantification Theory, Residential area, District of parking environment improvement