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Growth Opportunity for Businesses: Measuring the Digital Gap

This paper investigates impact of new technologies on business models in the evolving context of predictive analysis. This evolution of businesses is supported by two latest technology trends. First the paradigm shifts from looking IOT as a technology enabler to taking it as a business opportunity and second the shift from converging on firm centric business model to a diverse industrial ecosystem. This new business model of industrial network aim towards getting better customer value and also enables to identify the driver of those values. The study aligns strategic business decisions with the customer value of products and services. The study highlights two big challenges of today’s business model, contains capturing the assortment of customer value by observing their decision making process to adopt IOT and the extent of responsiveness a firm need to accept for getting better value design system. Capturing the assortment of customer value refers to effort of getting IOT in the business landscape. Responsiveness suggests the tradeoff between strategy of business firms and value system design. The study argues that firms can overcome these problems by the involvement of IOT in their business goal and by designing of adaptive business models. The study therefore addresses the influence of IOT in business model through a framework that enables the practitioner to analyze and visualize the effect of IOT in modern businesses in a measurable term. The dimensions involve in the framework include the customer value, sources of value conception and benefits from adopting new technologies. The study concludes by giving a collaborative approach towards integration of IOT and business models in the competitive market and suggesting the alternatives of designing business model to upgrade the products or services of a company for getting maximum customer value. Keywords - Digital, Internet of Things, business model, customer value, strategic decision.