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Education Methods in Sufi Culture

Sufism is a spiritual-centred life style and a philosophy of soul-heart-mind integration. In fact, Sufism is the embodiment of man’s spiritual experiences, which are the deepest and most extraordinary aspect of him. Sufism provides man with several significant opportunities to deepen his perception of human-life and the world. Sufistic understanding is an important method of understanding existential and permanent values and self-discovery. A self-discovering man gets to know “Himself” and his “Lord” thanks to Sufism. Sufism makes great contributions too in terms of tangibly feeling the moral and spiritual values. It is an unignorable fat that Sufism is the outpouring of a lifestyle that awakens not only the deepest feelings regarding existence in man’s life but also the greatest emotions and noblest thoughts. Having its own thinking system, Sufism also has various education methods that conform to its thinking system. Meditation, which can be described as controlling the emotions in the heart and focusing on them, and self-examination, which can be described as self-accounting by minimizing ambitions-sensual feelings are among the education methods of Sufism. On the other hand, musahada, described as considering divine names, titles and deeds above man, one-self and all creatures can also be listed among education methods of Sufism. Keywords- Sufi Culture, Education Methods, Self-Examination, Meditation, The Power to See Divine Names, Witnessing.