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Proposal of Korean Language Education for Improving Communication Skills of International Students From Uzbekistan

The purpose of this study is to suggest Korean language education to improve communication skills of Uzbekistan international students through their communication experiences. To reach this goal, two following research problems set up. First, what is the current status of Korean language communication skills of international students from Uzbekistan and what is the problem in the process of cultivating this? Second, how international students from Uzbekistan can improve the communication skills? To solve the first research problem, six international students from Uzbekistan were selected as research participants, and in-depth interviews were conducted. Moreover, dates which were collected through in-depth interviews were categorized and analyzed. The results of this study are as follows. First, according to the type of classification of languages, Korean and Uzbek languages have the same – agglutinative characteristics. That is why it was not difficult for international students from Uzbekistan to learn Korean grammar. Second, despite of the participants’ advanced level, they had difficulties in using Korean vocabulary. In Korean language there are a lot of words, which is had Chinese characters and especially academic terms which is used at the advanced level. Third, despite of the fact that they have learned Korean in their hometown, and came to study in Korea after taking a high level, their sociolinguistic skills were insufficiency. Finally, research participants were using various appropriate strategic skills to use Korean language. Keywords: Internationalstudent from Uzbekistan, communication skills, communication experience, Korean language education,improvement proposal