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Study on The Participation Experience of The Multicultural Mentoring Program as a Volunteer Activity

The objectives of this study were to explore the multicultural mentoring activity types and propose methods to invigorate volunteer activities through the experiences of college students participated in the multicultural mentoring program. To achieve these objectives, eleven college students who participated in the multicultural mentoring program were chosen and in-depth interviews were conducted and analyzed. Study results showed that there were four volunteer activity participation types. The first was the one-shot type, which indicated people participated a volunteer activity for a purpose but gave up the activity because they were not attracted by the activity. Secondly, the persistent type was to find a new value from the multicultural mentoring program and continue to participate in the same volunteer activity persistently. Thirdly, the interest type means a type who found new values from a volunteer activity and became interested in other volunteer activities. Fourthly, the expansion type expanded their horizon to social activities after participating in volunteer activities. This study analyzed these types and proposed ways to invigorate volunteer activities of college students by types. Keywords: Multicultural Education, Mentoring, Multicultural Mentoring, Volunteer